Exciting New Scientific Research Launches Study of Simplicity of Stillness on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patients (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Can this new meditative practice utilizing sound resonance and specially designed music really improve wellbeing of ALS patients?



Marlise Karlin, originator of The Simplicity of Stillness® Method, and internationally renowned inner peace expert, will participate in a ground-breaking research pilot project for sufferers of ALS and their primary caregivers.

Beginning June 7th, the 8-week SOS (Simplicity of Stillness) program, will be the central factor in the investigative study by Dr Francesco Pagnini, a former Harvard Research Fellow, currently at Catholic University of Milan, Italy, and Dr Craig Oster, Co-founder and Director of The Healers, a scientific research and educational campaign. The initial phase of the study will document the measurable effects of Stillness and SOS Practices in the improvement of quality of life, physical impairments, and psychological and social variables with people who have ALS and their caregivers, with the intention of developing a larger 6-month investigation.

Dr. Oster is excited about the possibility that this research could in some way contribute to the wellness of people with ALS. The Simplicity of Stillness Method integrates intellectual knowledge with experiential learning, opening both mind and heart to what Karlin calls “an energy sea of unquantifiable peace.” The cohesive practices involve a unique new form of meditation with music, developed using sound resonance, which has evidenced the release of traumatic memories and an ability to develop rapid behavioral change. Stillness Sessions are reported to accelerate the user’s enjoyment thereby enhancing a self-motivating practice, increasing the benefits, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Dr. Craig Oster, Ph.D was diagnosed with the ‘death sentence’ of ALS in 1994 and even though his physical functioning was slipping away, he successfully completed his Ph.D in clinical psychology at Michigan State University in 1996.  Similar to Stephen Hawking, he has also managed to live with ALS for a remarkable period of time (almost 19 years). His mission, as a preeminent researcher of this debilitating illness, is to expand medical research and wellness education beyond traditional practices. Dr. Pagnini has authored significant research on mindfulness and uses a bio-psychosocial perspective while addressing the significance of spirituality in the life of the ALS patient.

The Healers, a distinguished group of doctors and researchers includes Dr. Bruce Lipton, internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, Dr. Henry Grayson Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the National Institute of Psychotherapies in New York and Dr. Bernie Siegel, the renowned physician and author, who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality was threated by illness.

Learn more about Marlise Karlin by visiting her website at www.marlisekarlin.com and to learn about donating to The Healers organization follow this link.  


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