Media Placement

Magazine and Newspaper:

With great contacts in traditional and online magazines and newspapers we will identify your target markets and work to place articles, interviews and features in magazines, newspapers and online publications.  

Radio Tours:

Galaxy Media has over 2000 radio contacts and we can point to our own case studies proving the power of radio in creating sales and building personality and product profiles.  We will place you on targeted traditional radio, satellite and Internet radio programs. Galaxy Media can proudly say that one or more of our clients is on the radio virtually everyday.


There is nothing like a well-received television appearance for promoting your campaign, book or product and for raising your profile. Over the years, Galaxy Media has developed a strong list of go-to producers both locally and nationally. Our clients can be found on morning shows, cable news and network magazine shows.

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Blogs, Pin Interest and Flick are all great tools to help raise your profile and create fans. Our aim is to get you ‘liked’ in as many ways as possible.


National and International Satellite, Broadcast and Online TV & Radio



Articles, interviews, magazines features, newspapers and online publications

Online & Social Media

Network, Cable and Internet Television