At Galaxy Media we know that client satisfaction means doing the following four things well….


Galaxy Media prides itself on listening carefully to your goals. Our aim is to create the kind of media opportunities that will address your specific audience.  We want to understand who you are and why you do what you do. Our knowledge of you, your company and marketing strategy means effective and targeted positioning and creative presentation to the kind of media outlets that support your goals.


Based on our clear understanding of your goals and your budget, Galaxy Media carefully crafts and implements an agreed upon media strategy.  For example, we may agree that a radio tour alone will support your book publicity efforts or a combination of radio and magazine placement are more suitable. You can select either a full media campaign that includes traditional and social medias or just focus on one or a selection of the services offered. Galaxy Media enjoys strong media contacts in many areas.


Communication is the name of the game, not only outwardly on your behalf but also regularly between you the client and the Galaxy Media team. We schedule a weekly Skype or telephone meeting where we discuss our achievements on your behalf and our continuing efforts to create an effective partnership in our promotion and publicity and are vital to our mutual success.


While no publicity and promotions company can guarantee media placement we make it our goal above all else to deliver the best media opportunities to raise your profile and create sales.


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